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Self-Adhesive Labels


Adhesive labels are an easy and straightforward label solution. They’re easily applied to containers, bottles and packaging, highly versatile and can work with many types of products and finishes.


Adhesive labels can be used on variety of materials (paper, film, foil, etc.). Since they don’t require any heat, it only takes light or moderate pressure to apply (or stick) them to a product surface.


It is important to choose the right adhesive to ensure the label sticks on application and remains stuck during the life of the product. At First Pack, we offer a range of adhesives materials to meet your requirements, from the chiller to freezer, permanent to removable, our team of label professionals would be happy to advise you on the right adhesive for your needs.


Adhesive labels are used for everything from automotive products, chemical pails and household goods to food and beverage containers and nearly everything in between.

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