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Laminated Film

We offer innovative and high-value, regular barrier or high-barrier films in rolls pouches form, depending on end-use application– within specifications, delivered on time, and priced competitively!

Laminated Film are produced with stringent quality specifications using a broad range of materials including PET & BOPET films, OPP & BOPP films, Metalized films, LDPE & LLDPE Poly films, Nylon films, EVOH films, Aluminium Foil, HDPE films, CPP films, PVC films, Coated films, Holographic films, paper and etc.

Laminated Film are used for products that need to be protected or have shelf lives extended food and non-food products include: Ready-to-eat such as snacks, ice creams, bread, coffee, freezer-to-microwave, Boil-in-bag pouches, Insulation, Medical, Cosmetics, etc.

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