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Quality Management

First Pack Factory has a talented and knowledgeable quality team which works closely with the customer, the company sales and marketing, operations, supply chain, artwork and plate making departments, to ensure all product and logistics are being met throughout the process of design to the very final product.

  • In addition to that we ensure consistency in quality of products and service by:

  • We have Invested on State-of-the-art equipment from world-renowned suppliers

  • We have an integrated Quality Management System, encompassing ISO and HACCP principles

  • We have a well-equipped laboratory with product and process testing machines such as: Color IQC software, Heat Seal Tester, Thickness tester, Film thermal shrinkage tester, Coefficient of friction tester and others. 

  • Sourcing raw material from approved suppliers

  • Regular testing of incoming raw material, in-process material and finished goods label

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